Keep your email safe and secure!.

  • Keep a copy of your email folders.
  •  Automatically updated every day.
  • Choose which folders to backup.
  • View, Search or Restore your messages.

Where you have control!

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How it works

  • Configure your email settings
  • ArchiveMail creates a copy of your folders.
  • Each day ArchiveMail adds new items.
  • Login to our service to Search, View or Restore any messages/folders you loose.


Your data remains your data, we use At Rest encryption to keep it safe from prying eyes, we will NEVER share any of your information with third parties and we don't scan or process your data for any purpose.  Even our administrators cannot access your messages.


Once encrypted your data is stored safely on disk and backed up to Amazon's glacier storage for long term security.


Our system doesn't move/delete messages on your email system, it only makes a copy!