Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously, however due to the nature of this system the server must have access to some of your private information (email address, password, email messages). Our policy is to restrict access to that information as much as is reasonable while still allowing us to provide this service efficiently.

We use At Rest encryption so message bodies are not visible to any staff of ArchiveMail.Org or any hosting or service providers we use. And even in the event of the system being hacked would remain secure.

Account passwords are also stored in an encrypted form to ensure no access to them can occur from unauthorized third parties.

Message Subjects From and To headers are not encrypted and may be viewed accidentally by ArchiveMail.Org staff. For example when assisting with a technical issue.

We do not run a No Knowledge encryption system because it is not possible to supply this service without the server knowing your passwords.  

We will never share your data with third parties for any reason.

If you loose your password, and cannot access the recovery email address or main email address, then we cannot reset your password to give you access as there would be a risk that we were not talking to you